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Skin Logic is a revolutionary cosmetic clinic in Ottawa. With expertise and experience in the medical, clinical and aesthetics fields, we offer our discerning clientele a variety of cosmetic and skin care options. We look forward to meeting you, discussing your goals and finding the best ways to achieve those in the safest, most effective ways. We invite you to read more about our services as well as our team.


Services Offered at Our Clinics

At Skin Logic Ottawa we love to enhance the natural beauty of our clients and offer a wide range of medical skin treatments. Read on to find out more.


Neuromodulator treatment is administered by our expert clinicians as part of a wholistic treatment plan. Find out more by booking a consultation to discuss this treatment option further.

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are synthetic hyaluronic acid which are injected under the skin with precise injections from our trained professionals to restore tissue volume and hydration. Book a consultation to discuss this treatment option further.

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Deoxycholic Acid

Deoxycholic acid is a drug that is indicated for the improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe curves or fullness associated with small fat pads under the chin, known as the “double chin.” The medication is injected in multiple sites under the chin.

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meso-gold 20 treatment

Improve skin condition, pores, pigmentation and elasticity with a micro-infusion facial using patient tailored serums and a micro-needling devise for delivery. The microscopic channels created by the micro-needling stimulates the body to repair itself.

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Plasma Rich Protein (PRP)

This procedure involves a simple blood draw and a circulation of product that isolates the plasma proteins for deposit into areas of scaring, volume loss, poor condition and even the scalp for hair loss or thinning. PRP stimulates new cell growth and improved skin condition.

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Injections As Part of a Wholistic Care Plan

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Dermal Fillers & Deoxycholic Acid

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Meet Our Team of Health Care Practitioners & Skin Care Specialists

corey akisanya

np, bn, mn:np

“I’m very passionate about medical aesthetics. I see beauty in everyone, and I will make sure they see the beauty within themselves.”

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amanda bastedo


“I love medical aesthetics as it couples beauty and science; I hope to help people recognise their beauty through my work”

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